New Democratic Congress is sworn in, left-wing Islamic google puppets.

New Democratic Congress is sworn in,

New Democratic Congress is sworn in

They all come from the same hateful religious beliefs, ‘Taqiyya’ encourages Muslims ‘to lie to achieve goals. They are all Islamic google puppets and work for left-wing billionaires.

More NBC, CNN and MSNBC fake news, they claim baby Jesus would die trying to cross the border into America. So anyone who wants border security is accused of killing baby Jesus. Facebook promotes this insanity and calls them the real News. Jesus was born without sin, he was the Lamb of God. The Messiah that can never sin or break laws, wow liberals are scary. Plus your religious philosophy is insane, and you’re censorship.

None of your PR Monopoly manipulation will work, Facebook and Google.

The 2019 Monopoly on Facebook, will never put the Liberals back in the White House. So Google and Facebook censorship, will never work. For years Google has gotten away with their censorship of Christian websites, and still going on today. Now Facebook is promoting these fake News Networks, and is shuting down real news networks.

The Mormon cult leader Mitt Romney is back.

The Mormon cult leader Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is running for president 2020 and said about Trump, ” The president shapes the public character of the nation. Trump’s character falls short. ” This statement comes from a billionaire religious cult leader, who believes in magic underwear. What a Perverted and Fallen world we live in.