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Chip Ingram (http://livingontheedge.org) to learn how to break through the barriers that are keeping you from experiencing a true life change. Read how life change is really possible http://livingontheedge.org/read-blog/... 

Why Heaven Matters - Heaven.

So why does Heaven matter? Many of us only live for the here and now. We have a temporal perspective, rather than an eternal perspective 

Follow: Jesus, Miracles and You.

Follow: Jesus, Miracles and You, Part 1 -  If God could do a grade-A, supernatural miracle in your life right now, the kind that can’t be explained away by skeptics or scientific reasoning, if God could do that for you - what would it be?  A relationship?  A health issue?  Finances? 

Every Sheep Needs a Shepherd, living on the edge ministry

Chip Ingram,  EVERY SHEEP NEEDS A SHEPHERD, What comes into your mind when you think “God”? Is who God really is the same God you think He is? What do you think God’s thoughts are of you? Watch today’s message to see why your answers to these questions matter. 

Part 2: Every Sheep Needs a Shepherd.

Follow: Every Sheep Needs a Shepherd,  If you believe God is who He says He is, why wouldn't you accept His counsel in your life? Could your view of God be off? Watch today's message to see, from Psalm 23, who God is.