How to create a free website

How to create a free website 2018 | How To Make A Website For FREE In 10 Minutes!

Published on Nov 28, 2016

Get a domain name and a hosting service to create a personal website. This free hosting service, and domain name, is only good for a personal website or blog, if you want a commercial site, i suggest you a top level domain, and pay hosting service. There are no such thing as Free Top level Domain Name i.e. (.com .net .us …) Top Level Domains are not Free. The only way to have Top Leve Domain for free is having a subdomain e.g ( But lower level domains are free (eg: .tk .ml .cf etc.) How to create a free website 2018. In this video I will tell you how can you create a free website. By this method you can create a free website in 10 minutes or so. You can add wordpress, weebly, buddypress or anything in your website if you use this method.
This a fully new method how to create a free website simply. So, using my method you can create website simply within 10 or 15 minutes for free. I will show you How To Create A Website // Step by Step, if you are searching for how to create free website you are on the right place. after watching this video you can create your own website and do marketing. This method is completely free. I will tech how to get free domain, how to do free hosting and so on i.e. How to Make a Free Website (Free Hosting Free Domain). After you know all process you can make a Free Website in 5 Mins or so. It’s easy and professional. We will use wordpress as plugin for this but you can use your desired plugin and design your website however you want. There are fake people who say how to create free website but they teach you how to create blog but we are not like that. I will provide you total guide how to create a professional free website. People think free website is not so nice and cannot handle much traffic but the website created by this process is not like that, it can handle more than 10000 unique visitors per day for free so its awesome. You can read on various necessary topics on: You can also see us on:

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