It was an act of God, not the Yellow Jackets movement.

Notre Dame investigation, ruling out arson as its cause.

Investigators stated they were working with the assumption that the blaze began “involuntarily,” thus ruling out arson as its cause.

In the old days, 30 years ago. They would have called it an Act of God. But the globalist changed the name.

( We will burn Paris down,” From Yellow Jacket movement last year.” True )

Why did God burn down the cathedral? We have churches being burned down in China, and Pakistan every week. But the media, owned and operated by the globalist. They don’t like to report about the Yellow Jacket movement, it scares the hell out of them. The globalist and one-percenter know, it is the real thing with no leaders.

Just like the Trump Administration in America. Emmanuel Macron is cutting taxes for the richest people in the country raising taxes on the poorest people in the country. So do they believe people will just become sheep, and wait for the slaughter economically?

But Don’t believe the Internet Rumor and lies. The French president is a tyrant, another Bush and Obama globalist, true. Also remember, it was 800 years old and under construction. If the Catholic Church is going bankrupt, why are they trying to save it?

They could have turned it into a museum, but they wanted to use it for a church. How can they afford that?

Turn the old churches into museums, so they are safe.

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