The City of Jerusalem, 34, BC

‎By 34 BC, under King Herod’s rule, ancient Jerusalem went through major redevelopment, crowned with the rebuilding of the Second Temple and a bigger Temple Mount. In AD 66, the Great Jewish Revolt challenged Roman rule over Jerusalem, resulting in the destruction of the temple and the fall of Jerusalem by AD 70.

A chronology of Jesus aims to establish a timeline for the events of the life of Jesus. Scholars ….. John 2:13 says that Jesus went to the Temple in Jerusalem around the start of his ministry and in John 2:20 Jesus is …. Colin Humphreys calculates but rejects these AD 27 and AD 34 dates on the basis that the former is much too.

Hoping to cut off the snake’s head, they begin to persecute the Church. Apostles are priority targets, but even regular members of “the Way” find it difficult to avoid imprisonment. Stephen’s death proves to be a turning point.  This event ignites a firestorm of persecution. You are the Apostles. Pray, share, and use your growing faith to guide the Church on your mission to spread the good news. You have been.


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