Born RICH, FEATURED STAR Ivanka Trump.

The Christian Webmaster Top 10 Movies. 

GOD...Please Buy Me A Jet | Today`s Church.

Today`s Church in a Nutshell - The Corruption of False Pastors/Preachers Exposing Themselves for Decades on Social Media (The Snake Oil Salesmen) This Documentary Initially Had to Be Longer...But the Point Is Made Clear Enough. 

the Prosperity Gospel Makes You Poor.

 The prosperity gospel is really no gospel at all. It’s just a heap of ruinous lies that makes you poor on joy in the one true gospel of Christ. 


1. Genesis paradise lost

Genesis paradise lost

We are thrilled to promote Genesis: Paradise Lost. This powerful film brings the pages of Genesis to life, presents a strong case for the truth of God’s Word and the validity of creation science, and undermines the evolutionary paradigm. 

2. The Insanity of God

The Insanity of God

 The true story of missionaries Nik and Ruth Ripken. How does faith survive, let alone flourish in the places of the world that are over­ come with the darkness of sin, despair and hopelessness? 

3. The Trump Prophecy

The Trump Prophecy

 If my people... 2 Chronicles 7:14 - A call to prayer for our nation. What if you heard a Voice, different from your thinking voice, a Powerful Voice talking to you inside your head? 

4. Mountain Top

Mountain Top

Dare to Dream An Appalachian small-town preacher who gave up his law practice years ago follows a calling back into the courtroom to solve a case that has roots deeply woven into his own life. 

5. Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

 The world's greatest atheist finds his purpose after a near death experience, in a film that will make you laugh and cry and want to stand up and cheer. Directed by and starring Kevin Sorbo. 

6. God’s Not Dead


 A church destroyed. A congregation silenced. A relationship shattered. Yet even in life’s darkest valleys, a small flame can light the way toward healing and hope.