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Jeffrey Epstein & Pedophile Island.


 Newly surfaced photos obtained by The Post reveal for the first time how Jeffrey Epstein — and a horde of girls — spent time at his now-notorious Caribbean hideaway, nicknamed “Pedophile Island’’ by locals. 

Bill Cosby Speaks from Prison.

Bill Cosby Speaks from Prison.

November 24, 2019 — Bill Cosby breaks his silence, granting his first exclusive interview since beginning his sentence at SCI-Phoenix, a maximum-security Pennsylvania penitentiary near Philadelphia. 

Kathie Gifford & Nicole C. Mullen

The God who sees, Kathie Lee Gifford and Nicole C. Mullen.

The God Who Sees, A behind-the-scenes look at how friendship and collaboration formed over music and film making.  SHAUN GOODMAN, Producer AARON GREENE. 

Spiritual Authorities in High Places.

Spiritual Authorities in High Places,

 Ephesians 3:10 reveals God's intent to make known his "manifold wisdom" through the church "to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms." What are these rulers and authorities? Why do they matter? 

Turn Suffering Into Surrender.

Turn Suffering Into Surrender.

  Turn Suffering Into Surrender.  All of the true followers of God suffered in some way, things like job loss, illness, or the death of a loved one will all subject us to suffering.  

Practice Habits of Christ-likeness.

Practice Habits of Christ-likeness.

 But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. Choose to pray regularly; don't wait until you feel like doing so. Focus on encountering God,  confess your sin.