Online Calendar Personal


Online Calendar Personal

Stay organized wherever you are at home, in the office or on the road.

Only available in English.

  • Perfect for individuals
  • Manage your personal schedule
  • Integrates with Workspace Email
  • Works with iOS or Android™ smartphones

In Calendar, groups represent various teams or work groupings that share common events and resources. In the example below, Marketing and New Products are groups created by members of those teams.

Groups can contain these types of calendars:

  • Group calendars let you share scheduled events among Calendar members. For example, group calendars work well for teams that regularly attend the same events. Only members of a group can schedule events for that group.
  • Resource calendars let group members schedule resources, such as meeting rooms or equipment. Scheduling a resource for an event reserves it so others in your group can see it is in use.
Stay on track
  • Check your schedule anytime, anywhere you have an Internet connection.
  • Simply drag and drop to add a new event or task.
  • Get reminders via email, text message or screen pop-up.
  • Create your own task list; set start and end dates and track tasks to completion.
  • Keep group projects moving forward with task sharing—and monitor them on your Task History tab.

Take control of meetings

  • Invite others to meetings or events — works with all standard calendars.
  • Color code your events – one color for your staff meeting, another for your son’s soccer game.
  • Allow attendees to invite others to your events (optional).
  • Add attachments to your tasks and events for all-in-one organization.
  • Easily check others’ availability before planning meetings or events.

Work together, wherever you are

(Group and Unlimited Calendars only)

  • Boost productivity with one central schedule.
  • Changes made by any member are instantly visible to the entire group.
  • Quickly reserve shared resources, such as meeting rooms and laptops.
  • Choose which members have administrative access to which calendars.
  • Share documents and files with members of the group.

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