Suffering is NOT Optional.

Suffering is NOT Optional - Francis Chan 

To most believers we live as if we can choose to suffer for Christ or choose not to suffer. Jesus said, "You will suffer..." Sure, suffering does come in all different shapes and sizes, but the question is how are you suffering for JESUS CHRIST? 

The Necessary Ingredients of Love | (1 Timoty 1:3-7 Part T

The Necessary Ingredients of Love | (1 Timoty 1:3-7 

Why God Allow, Suffering, and Evil?


One of the most pressing challenges to Christianity is the problem of evil. Unbelievers are quick to ask how Christians can believe in the existence of a good God in the face of so much evil. In this session, Dr. John MacArthur will examine what Scripture teaches regarding evil and suffering and why it exists in the world. 

Our Global God | (Genesis 10)

Our Global God | (Genesis 10)

Pray While You Still Can.

Check out this great video, Pastor Carter Conlon - Pray While You Still Can