Sermons on the will of God.

Taking the Mystery Out of Knowing God’s Will

  • Resource by John Piper

The following is a lightly edited transcript.

We are going to look at Romans 12:1–2 and talk about the will of God, what it means, how to find it, and what it means to have your mind renewed to find it.

As you know, chapter 12 follows the first eleven chapters. And it begins with a glorious “therefore” (“I appeal to you therefore”). The wonders that he is calling us into in walking with Christ in a renewed way are built on massive theology in chapters 1–11. It doesn’t get any bigger than Romans 1–11. It doesn’t get any deeper than Romans 1–11. And this is what it was all building towards: new minds discerning the will of God and lives of worship.  

What Every Christian Needs to Know.  Romans 12  

Romans 12:1: “I appeal to you, therefore brothers [on the basis of Romans 1–11and all the glories there and the pillars that sunk down into the bottomless foundations] by those mercies [the mercies of God that I have unfolded for 11 chapters] present your bodies [that is, your whole bodily life, what you are everywhere you go including everything you do] as a living sacrifice.” Your bodily existence is not going to die. It goes up on the altar, but it won’t die so that it ceases to live. It dies so that it lives a different way. As a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God

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