The Second Step: Growth


The beginning of every endeavor requires a first step.

An entirely new life awaits those who take steps toward spiritual maturity, but some beliefs about that life are far from the truth. In this 3-part series, The Path of Spiritual Maturity, Dr. Stanley describes the steps, the pitfalls, and the erroneous assumptions associated with growing as a Christian.

Accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Savior is only the beginning. From there, many new followers are left without any guidance as to how to proceed. How do I start a personal relationship with Him? What does it mean to grow spiritually? How is the Bible my spiritual compass? How could I possibly serve the almighty God?

Christ’s love is unconditional and eternal. Learn how to grow and thrive in your walk of faith with a promise, a purpose, and a plan.

When we were born again, we became children of God. As our Father, He intends for us to grow spiritually all the days of our lives.

In this message, Dr. Stanley tells us that it was predetermined that we would be saved to grow and conform to the likeness of Jesus Christ. As believers, if we don’t grow, there’s something wrong with us. Dr. Stanley teaches us how to judge, test, and gauge our growth as Christians. He also explains how we can change our conversations, our conduct, and our character.

A sanctified life is a life that is continually growing in holiness, righteousness, and obedience to God. Are you growing in your Christian life?

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